TerraProtein Equity Partners is a corporate finance boutique dedicated to capital raising and related strategic services for scaling business contributing to a more sustainable food & agriculture value chain in Europe and North America

For growth capital projects, we follow a multi-stage approach: 

  1. Review. Any engagement is started by reviewing the growth plan, projected financial performance and the underlying assumptions.
  2. Model. We assist in fine-tuning the model for optimising future operating cash earnings capacity.
  3. Analysis. The model output is utilised to advise on the required liquidity and optimal capital structure.
  4. Prospect development. TerraProtein has a strong network of agri-operators and professional investors which we are happy to involve when optimising strategy and growth plans. 
  5. Marketing. We can produce all relevant documents including information memoranda, teasers and management presentations, to establish a professional engagement process and manage engagement and follow-up.
  6. Deal structuring. Term sheets are analysed on shareholder value impact and other deal structure items.
  7. Final negotiations & closing. TerraProtein supports management in all negotiations and the deal closing process. 

In general, a capital raise process tends to take between 6 and 18 months. The timeline is impacted by the capital structure complexity, the growth plan, profitability of existing operations and previous capital raising initiatives.

We are happy to share our preliminary timeline views and general thoughts on your growth plan, so please get in touch! Contact Marijn Hendrickx (mh@terraproteinequity.com) for more details.